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Anti Slosh Powersport Kits come in smaller cubes for easy installation and removal.  These cubes act as a baffle that minimizes the fuel surge and loading on the vehicle.  KSR gas tank foam does not have to conform to the inside of the tank.  Since fuel tanks come in a sorts of sizes and shapes, our anti slosh, fuel tank foam kits will fit any tank and has effectively proven to act as a baffle for surging fuel, which in turn dramatically improves the handling of the vehicle


X-TEC Stabilization Anti Slosh Motorcycle, ATV, Jet ski, Snowmobile, Automotive and Other High Performance Applications Reticulated Polyurethane Fuel Tank Foam    

Anti Slosh Foam for Motorcycle, ATV, Watercraft and Automotive Fuel Cells and Gas Tanks

Simple Solutions, High Performance (Anti Slosh, Gas Tank Foam)

It’s no secret.  This type of anti slosh foam has been used in high performance applications for decades.  The only problem is that not a lot of people know about it.  Imagine being able to install something on/in your vehicle that will immediately impact its performance.  And it’s simple, takes roughly 10 minutes to install and is virtually maintenance free.  These X-TEC kits go right into the fuel tank/fuel cell and eliminate fuel slosh during extreme applications.  By eliminating the surge, the vehicle becomes more stable in high performance applications – THESE KITS ARE PROBABLY THE MOST INEXPENSIVE MODIFICATION YOU CAN DO WITH IMMEDIATE RESULTS.  Don’t be fooled by imitations, X-TEC kits are military grade reticulated polyurethane foam kits that are used in US fighter jets and transports. This type of gas tank foam was originally developed as a fire suppression in military jet fuel tanks.  As testing and usage increased, the military soon realized that this fuel tank foam offered performance benefits as well. With the X-TEC kit, you can be assured that the gas tank foam you put in your vehicle meets and exceeds the standards put in place by the US military.  In fact, the gas tank foam that your kit comes from the same batch that is sent out for military retro-fits. 


Please visit our online store or see below for our pre-packaged anti slosh foam kits ready to ship now. 

All of our gas tank foam/fuel tank foam, anti slosh foam kits are guaranteed MIL spec.  Each gas tank foam/fuel tank foam, anti slosh kit comes with a spec sheet to guarantee you are getting what you are paying for.

We primarily specialize in custom work, so if you are looking for something that is not in our store, please visit our Custom section.  We welcome all custom work and offer volume discounts for large orders.  Please contact us via the contact page or call us at 562 991 3899.  

Looking for something that is not in our store?  Contact us today!  We specialize in different types of anti slosh reticulated foam and can help you with your needs. 

Need custom sizes for gas tank foam/fuel tank foam?  Call us today!  Our expertise ranges from all types of anti slosh products from military to high performance. 
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