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Why Kits?

The main reason we supply our fuel cell foam in kits is because of the cost saving to our customers.  Shipping costs seem to rise every year and the cost to ship one piece of reticulated safety foam was more than the actual piece.  Another reason is because most racing fuel cells require more than one piece of fuel cell foam, so it makes more sense to supply our reticulated fuel cell foam in kits where we can offer these less per piece because of the volume and also save our customers on freight at the same time.  We set this up so the more you buy, the less per piece of fuel cell foam in each kit is.

Typical Piece of Yellow and Black Foam

Fuel Cell Foam Kits

KSR Industries Automotive Fuel Cell Foam Kits

Our replacement fuel cell foam kits are all MIL-F-87260 spec foam with the  approximated dimensions of each safety foam piece in the kit is 14”x4”x7”.  All of our automotive fuel cell foam pieces are available in a 4, 6, 8 and 10 piece kits and are designed to fit most aftermarket, high performance racing fuel cells.  The reticulated fuel cell foam that we sell in these kits is the SAME foam that we supply to the military.

About MIL-F-87260 spec reticulated foam

US Military standards require demanding specifications with built in safety factors.  MIL-F-87260 spec foam meets or exceeds all military specifications for safety, performance and service life.  With 98% void space, this type of reticulated foam is highly refined with precise and repeatable pore sizes, reduced weight and displacement with excellent static dissipation and anti-slosh properties and has been successfully used in thousands of military installations over the last 3 decades.  Currently, many military aircraft mandate MIL-F-87260 foam, including the F-15 Eagle and C130 Hercules.

 Mil-F-87260 is the preferred spec that many high profile racing fuel cell companies use.

Black versus Yellow Fuel Cell Foam, what’s the difference?

Reticulated Polyurethane foams are broken down into two categories: Polyether Foam and Polyester Fuel Cell Foam. 

Both of these types of foam have a film membrane between the cell structures.  The process to remove this membrane is called reticulation and there are two methods to do this.  When looking at the difference between yellow and black fuel cell foam, this is where they start to differ.

Yellow Safety Fuel Cell Foam (Polyester Foam)

Caustic reticulation – uses acids to eat the membrane material but also leaves s the foam structure weak making the foam soft and more prone to tear.

This is the older type of foam before Polyether Foam came along.  The durability and strength of this foam are considerably less than Polyether Reticulated Foam (Black Foam)

Black Safety Fuel Cell Foam (Polyether Foam) MIL-F-87260

Thermal reticulation or zapping – uses a method of compressing the material in a chamber, injecting gases and igniting the gases to explode the membrane of the foam.   

This is the newer and current spec of reticulated foam supplied to the military.  The durability and tear characteristics are drastically better than the polyester foam.  Due to its method of reticulation, the Black fuel cell foam that we supply is less affected by heat and humidity than the yellow foam.




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